Showcasing Our Collection of Lizards and Geckos

If you are looking for a seller of geckos and other reptiles, turn to none other than our team at Leapin’ Leachies. Since our establishment, we have been carrying a wide selection of Rhacodactylus geckos. We also participate in various animal and reptile expos where we meet with our clients and other gecko owners. Browse through our gallery of video clips below for more information:

Herp Nation LIVE - Leapin' Leachies

Fiesty Brosse Hatchling

GIANT Geckos with Leapin' Leachies!

Leapin' Leachies Table at the NY Reptile Expo July 10, 2011

Leachianus locale profile: Brosse

Welcome to Leapin' Leachies!

Leapin Leachies

Brian Barczyk kidnaps me on his way to Leapin Leachies

Leapin' Leachies Zebra skink family group