Housing Hatchling leachies

I keep my hatchlings and juveniles in individual shoebox enclosures 12 inches long, 7 inches wide and 4 inches tall. I add a coconut hide or a flat slab of cork bark large enough to allow water and food cups to be wedged into a corner. This keeps the gecko from flipping the cups. Paper towels line the bottom, and I change them one to two times a week.

Fresh water is provided every other day, and I spill a small amount on the paper towel around the bowl to elevate the humidity.

When the gecko reaches a size where its waste is too much for paper towels, I switch to mulch. The side by the water is kept moist, and the other side is kept dry. This way the gecko can hydrate and then find a dry place to rest. The goal is air humidity — not a wet enclosure.

Housing for Grande Terre hatchlings

Housing for insular leachianus hatchings